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About Us


RPModels mission resumes to conception, manufacture and marketing of extraordinary historical accuracy models, guided by a commitment to stark social contribution and sustainability criteria, contributing to a development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.



RPmodels assume, consciously, your responsibility as an economic and social agent that acts in the field of collecting museum industry, contributing to the development and sustainability of the social area in which it operates, adjusting its business to market needs, optimizing use of resources in order to increase their business efficiency and continuous improvement of quality of products/services it develops.



RPmodels assumes in its mission, before the Client, the appointments of:

1 – To design and produce models of exceptional anatomical rigor framed in historical context without precedent;

2 – Provide a clear and accurate information about their products/services;

3 – Promote actions to ensure the timely dissemination of their products/services;

4 – Take steps to ensure the total security about the components used in the manufacture of its products;

5 – Develop sales network and realize the best ways to facilitate the acquisition/dissemination of products/services;

6 – Ensure the quality of the Company’s Human Resources;

7 – Meet the legal requirements relating to pollutant emissions, contributing to the protection of the environment;

8 – Assess periodically through specific inquiry, the degree of customer satisfaction;

9 – Responding to complaints and suggestions from the Customer as a source of information for continuous improvement of the service.



RPmodels has the structuring principles of its mission, the social contribution to sustainable development, the United Nations Global Compact values and commitments, “Global Compact”, namely:

• Respect and protection of human rights;

• Ethical conduct;

• Compliance with the law and other regulations applicable to our business;

• Respect for conventions and internationally recognized declarations;

• Respect for stakeholders;

• Accountability;

• Responsibility in the defense and protection of the environment;

• Integrate aspects of social responsibility in the integrated management system;

• To act with transparency in all internal and external relations.

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